Information on World Radio Day and 70th anniversary of UN Radio

Date de publication : 2016-02-11
On Saturday, 13 February 2016, UN Radio will be marking its 70th anniversary.  This is the day that also marksWorld Radio Day.  

UN Radio, in partnership with UNESCO, is celebrating the Day under the theme,"Radio in emergency and disaster situations" with the hashtag #RadioSavesLives and the official World Radio Day website:  http://www.diamundialradio. org/home

UN Radio has organised a number of activities, programmes and features for broadcast and publication in the lead-up to the Day.  All the eight UN Radio Units – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish plus Kiswahili and Portuguese – together with their relevant News Centres will be disseminating a range of work across radio, the web and social media, including:
  • Interviewswith partner radio stations or re-broadcasters on how radio saves lives in the areas they reach ;
  • Using valuablearchival audio and unique photo material to produce multimedia features;
  • Interviews with relevant colleagues in variousUN peacekeeping or political missions on how radio stations in the field have been deployed to save lives in disasters, emergencies and conflicts.  Some interviews will explore the role of radio in public health education, especially in view of the current outbreak of the Zika virus and the recent Ebola disease outbreak in some West African countries.
UN Radio will also be using broadcast input from various UN peacekeeping radio stations in the field, especiallythe voices and comments of  listeners- for example highlighting the key role of radio in refugee camps and refugee situations.  Some of these stations are in Haiti, Liberia, South Sudan, Darfur in Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Lebanon, Cote d'Ivoire and Mali.

There will also be coverage via social media, by engaging our audiences and encouraging them to share their related radio stories and photos plus videos.

All the material from UN Radio will also be made available for free broadcast on our websites - radio/english/

On Thursday, 11 February 2016, at UN Headquarters in New York, UN Radio is holding anopen house or open studio for all interested UN staff, so they could visit the studios and familiarise themselves with the operations of UN Radio as the Voice of the United Nations.  

During this open house, colleagues from UN WebTV will use Periscope, to provide aTour of the UN Radio Studios especially for staff who are working away from UN Headquarters or those in New York but unable to leave their desks but still wish to view or follow via the Web.  This Periscope session will be a global experience for a global audience, starting at 11am (New York Time) on Thursday, with a Q&A involving the Chief of UN Radio Section in the studios, followed by a guided tour in all languages of the studios of the UN Radio.  We will also share through Periscope a real life radio experience with a member of the UN Radio team doing his or her everyday job.

Resources for Broadcaster and further dissemination:
1.        The official World Radio Day website has a lot of material for broadcasts:  http://www.diamundialradio. org/
2.        UN Radio Units are sharing interviews, features and reports: radio/english/
3.        More free downloadable audio material can be found at: radio-day
4.        The SG's Video Message on the Day which is now downloadable at: public/video/ondemand/1553891_ MSG%20SG%20WORLD%20RADIO%
      5.    Various banners and graphics (via WeTransfer link) downloads/ b523cb73fa1bbcfef86134f7b729af d520160209180124/ b183ccf90e650202a9091a497651ed 4f20160209180124/4b2347

Contacts:  For further details, please contact the Chief of UN Radio, Ben Malor, and +1-212-963-7716.

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