United Nations Summit for Refugees and Migrants - Core messages: 24 August 2016

Date de publication : 2016-08-30

·The timing of this Summit is critical. We are witnessing an unprecedented level of human mobility. Around the word more refugees and migrants are leaving their homes, travelling along dangerous routes and often failing to find long-term solutions.

·The challenge of addressing large movements of refugees and migrants is not insurmountable, if we approach international cooperation in a spirit of shared responsibility.

·We must protect the human rights of all people on the move – refugees and migrants. We must provide special support to those countries that are most affected. We must address the factors that compel people to move.

·At the UN Summit the whole world will come together around one plan. All 193 Member States have reached agreement by consensus on a powerful outcome document. The New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants expresses the political will of world leaders to save lives, protect rights and share responsibility on a global scale.

·Refugees and migrants are waiting for the world to take action. We call on world leaders and the international community at large to not only support the New York Declaration but also implement its commitments seriously and immediately. Together we must ensure that no refugee or migrant is left behind.

New York declaration (outcome document)

·The New York Declaration contains bold commitments to both address the issues we face now and prepare the world for the challenges of the future. These commitments include:

o To protect the human rights of all refugees and migrants regardless of their status;

o To ensure all refugee and migrant children are in education within a few months of arrival;

o To support those countries rescuing and receiving large numbers of refugees and migrants;

o To work towards ending the practice of detaining children because of their immigration status.

o To strongly condemn xenophobia and implement a global campaign to counter it;

o To improve the delivery of humanitarian and development support for those countries most affected, including through innovative multilateral financial solutions, with the goal of closing the funding gaps.

o To implement a comprehensive refugee response, based on a new framework that sets out the responsibility of member states, civil society partners and the UN system, whenever there is a large movement of refugees or a protracted refugee situation;

o To aim at finding new homes for all those refugees identified by UNHCR as needing resettlement. This would amount to an ambitious increase: In 2015, less than 1% of the world's refugees were resettled, and meeting the goal would result in resettling more than 5% of the world's refugees.

o To improve international cooperation on migration by bringing the International Organization for Migration into the UN system;

o To consider more opportunities for regular and orderly migration improving the safety and dignity of migrants;

·The New York Declaration also contains concrete plans for how to build on these commitments:

o To start negotiations to adopt a comprehensive framework for the governance of international migration in 2018. The agreement to move toward this comprehensive framework is a momentous one, meaning that migration — like many other areas of international relations — will be governed by a set of common principles and approaches.

o To develop guidelines on how to assist migrants in vulnerable situations. These guidelines will be particularly important for the increasing number of unaccompanied children on the move.

o To build a system that leads to a more equitable sharing of the responsibility for hosting the world's refugees by 2018.

·At the 19 September UN Summit we expect to hear from world leaders about how each country intends to contribute to the implementation of these commitments. Refugees, migrants, those who assist them, their host countries and communities, will all benefit if these commitments are met.

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